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Firstly, I'd like to welcome you to the Star Point 9 website.

Star Point 9 was created back in March 2014 when I was working as a Senior Financial Analyst for an Agency of the State Government of Western Australia. The idea was to become a store for the sale of crystals & minerals with passion and inspiration to be a jewellery store with multiple locations. This idea still exists!

My own background is diverse as I've worked in multiple areas such as Fleet Management, Insurance Management, Financial Management, Budget Management, Information Technology, Websites, Customer Service and today, Star Point 9 is building skills to establish a publishing company for people devoted to Mental Health, Mindfulness & expansion of consciousness.

My history and passion has been for Mental Health for many years as I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and as an adult, explored many different treatments over the years. I wanted to understand more about what I was diagnosed with. I knew it was an incredible gift having ADD/ADHD but how to utilise it to its advantage was not taught in school. This experience led me down towards the path of developing a Light in Sound technology for the betterment of Mental Health known as the Heart Activation Music.

Today, Star Point 9 is providing support and business systems support to great utilisation of my diverse and broad skill set. These skills are extremely valuable and the services provided by Star Point 9 are a result of the years of curiousity, research and discovery.

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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

Star Point 9 - Creating Communities, Helping Businesses

The Vision

The vision for Star Point 9 is not small and will take time to develop and grow, it has been testing, it has brought on strong development and growth and it has taken a significant amount of devotion, passion and research into the creation of the business. The vision for Star Point 9 is:

The purpose of Star Point 9 is to educate people on the benefits of health & wellness and mindfulness in a professional manner. To also create communities that engage in social activities so that people no longer feel isolated, alone and on their own when going through struggles. For people to know that there are places available to meet people with and to embrace the enjoyment of life with others. The initial testing of this concept has proven to be a success with 40 people booking for a social hiking group and the montly coffee catch-ups for the entire purpose of conversations is beginning to be known throughout the community. We also have created a Social Group on Facebook to share event ideas and have heard from other organisers as to how wonderful the idea is. - This is Phase 1 of the development of Star Point 9.

Over the years, the vision of Star Point 9 has been very large, not a stall at a local market but something big but as all succesful businesses must do, they must start from the ground, they must develop a solid foundation. Developing a business does indeed take a number of years to do and we've been working hard as our skills have increased. We dream to see our logo all over the world and here's a few ideas for our own dream to become a reality.

Humble beginnings are the launch page to great endings.

Mission Statement

Developing the business case for Star Point 9 took some time to prepare and one of the essentials when developing a business is to have a Mission Statement. It is why an organisation exists, it is the reason for its being. We took quite a bit of time to develop our Mission Statement as can be seen below as we encompass a wide variety of different things for different people. It is through the passion and love for humanity, to see people change their realities and to make dreams come true. Thus the Mission Statement for Star Point 9 is:

Star Point 9 helps people acheive mental well-being by providing tools, resources, consulting and information. We endeavour to provide guidance relating to mindfulness through the means of seminars, workshops, social groups, online learning & conversations promoting awareness, mindfulness and enlightenment with a focus on open-minded, creative and enthusastic approach to customer service.


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A handful of the certificates that is behind Star Point 9